Perth Flight – Flights to Perth are from many different destinations and with over 60 airlines. Due to the position of Perth, most visitors arrive by air and excellent air ticket deals can be got online over the internet.

You need a visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) if you want to travel to Australia and it is as well to carefully check the visa requirements, before making any plans or reservation. Except travellers with Australian or New Zealand passports, anyone who wants to enter Australia needs to have a valid passport AND a visa or ETA. You need to get your ETA or visa approved before travelling to Australia. Visa or ETA can be applied via the Internet or alternatively you can apply for a visa through an Australian Visa Office, or any local travel agent.

International Air Flights

Perth is a major gateway for the states of Western Australia for international airlines that link travellers from the New Zealand, Asian and European destinations. Many international airlines fly into Perth International Airport from Asia and Europe such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, and Cathay Pacific etc.

Domestic Air Flights

Two main carriers that fly to Perth from major Australian cities are Qantas and Virgin Blue with Jetstar a new entrant. These airlines offer good deals for internal flights and the competition between is quite fierce. Booking can be done thru the Internet. There are also other regional airlines within each state in Australia that offer competitive deals.