Perth Car Hire – Australia is a huge country and no matter which city you are staying in it is well worth getting a hire car to give you freedom to go where you please. It is easy to rent a car over the internet. It is advisable for overseas visitors to Australia to have an international drivers license, and to familiarise themselves with driving regulations. Australia drives on the left side of the road. Roads in major cities are generally in very good condition, while roads in rural areas may not be as good compared to cities.


Speed Limits and distances are expressed as Kilometres. The speed limit in cities and towns is 60 km/h (35 mph), while it is 50 km/h for residential areas, and 100 km/h (60 mph) for highways and rural areas, unless there are signs that indicate otherwise. It is advisable to drive within the speed limit as it is heavily enforced in Australia. This is due to the fact that speeding is a major cause of accidents. Fines can double during holidays and festive season.

Major and international Car Rental Companies are located at Perth airport terminals and in downtown Perth. Smaller independent and local owned companies also offer a wider range of cars, for examples 4WDs, sport cars and camper vans at competitive rates. It is well worth shopping around a little to get the best rates and this can easily be done online. Most reservations nowadays are also made online.

Here are a few of the major car rental companies in Perth

1) Avis
46 Hill Street
Telephone (+61) 08 9325 7677

2) Bayswater Car Rental
160 Adelaide Terrace
Telephone (+61) 08 9325 1000

3) Europcar
Telephone (+61) 08 9277 9144

4) Apex Car Rentals
400 William Street
Telephone (+61) 08 9227 9091