Perth Top 10 Attractions – Perth Attractions. Perth is a very interesting city for sightseeing and here we list out what we think are the top 10 attractions and tell you a little about five different ones. You can have a great vacation in Perth with so many things to do – both indoors and outdoors. After visiting Perth everyone will have their own list of great sights but this is ours.

1) Perth Shopping Malls
2) Kings Park
3) Fremantle Market
4) Old Mill
5) Perth Mint
6) Swan River Cruise
7) St. Mary’s Cathedral
8) Swan Bell Tower
9) Barrack Arch
10) Rottnest Island

Perth Shopping Malls – The two main shopping malls in Perth are the Murray and Hay Street malls. Both of the malls are pedestrian only malls and offer a wide range of specialty stores. There are several arcades that run off either Murray Street mall or the Hay Street mall and connect the city from St George’s Terrace to Wellington Street.
Myer and Aherns are the two main department stores in Perth city. Both these stores also have branches in larger shopping centres in the suburbs. Myer is the largest department store in the city and is in Forrest Chase. Aherns runs between Murray street mall and Hay street mall. Beside these two malls is Forrest Place, which is opposite Perth Station. This is where you can catch street performance or live performances on stage at the mall, while having in one of the nearby restaurants. This is also where the Tourist Information Centre is located.

Kings Park – The most obvious attraction in Perth. You can’t miss this 400 hectares bushland, which is 5 minutes away from the city centre. In fact it is the number 1 tourist attraction in Perth. There are lots of activities to do in this huge park such as picnic, barbecue, bush walk etc. Enter the park by Main entrance, where the Edith Cowan Clock is, and walk up the beautiful Fraser Avenue and you will be rewarded with a post card view of the city at the State War Memorial. Here is the main area of the park. This is where the information centre, restaurant, café and toilets are. The other place where you can take post card view photo is at the DNA Tower, where you can have a 360 degree view of Perth.

The rest of the Kings Park is made up of botanic gardens and bushland, where the nature lovers can venture and stroll around and explore the nature of colourful bird life and wonderful wild flowers. There are also guided tours by volunteers who will lead you through the botanic gardens and these are very informative. And if you are tired, there is the Kings Park Tram to take you round the park.

Fremantle Market – The oldest and most interesting market in Western Australia. It started in 1897 as a market hall, this historical Victorian building was restored and opened again in 1975. Now, Freo Markets, as it is affectionately known by everyone, has over 150 stalls that sell wide range of things from prints, pottery to antiques and fresh food.

This market is part of Fremantle history. The ornate design on the market reflect how prosperous Fremantle was as this market was started during time of gold rush in the surrounding area. Be sure to drop by this market when you visit Fremantle and bask in the historical and busy atmosphere of the market.

Old Mill – One of Perth most recognisable and oldest historical landmarks is situated peacefully by the bank of Swan River. Its initial purpose in 1835 was to grind flour for the early settlement of Perth. Ever since it ceased operation in 1859, it was used for other purposes from picnic site to wine saloon to a farm. It was eventually preserved as a National Trust property in 1992.

Travel back in time and visit the Mill at Mill Point Road discover the importance of the Old Mill during its infant stage to the people and enjoy a quiet time by the river bank within a short distance of the busy city.

Perth Mint – See the process of pure gold bars being made and it may stir the same excitement within you as Perth experienced the gold rush in 1890s. This award winning tourist attraction is where proof issue coins are produced and it is one of the elite in this industry in making precious metal and medallions.

The world’s oldest operating mint is also the manufacturer of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralymic Victory Medals. You can also get that Olympic victory feeling at Perth Mint where there is a coin press, and you can make your own medallion and engrave message on it.